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Information about the programs and achievements of the Lebanese Red Cross

A- Society’s History

Lebanese Red Cross

1- National society  name:


2- Date of establishment


3- Number of branches

Tripoli – Halba – Miniara – Becharre – Zghorta – Alkoura – Batroun – Jbeil – Jounieh – Antelias- Jal Eddib – El Bouchrieh – Furn El Chebbk – Falougha – Aley – Beit Eddine – Hermel – Baalbek – Riyak- Zahle – Kab Elias –Rachaya – Machghara – Saida – Jezzine – Hasbaya – Marjeyoun – Nabatieh – Tyr- Bint Jbeil – Zahrani – Beirut

4- Names of Branches






5- Number of Volunteers

131 General Assembly 

6- Number of Members

approximately 150

7- Number of Employees


B- Services












1- Programs: Medical Services

Achrafieh – Mosaytbeh – Tarik El Jdide  – Furn El Chebbak –Chiah- Falougha -Antelias –Jal Eddib - Bouchrieh- Jounieh – Aley - Bokaata –Jbeil- Rachaya- Baalbek- Hermel- Zahle- Mouallaka- Riyak - Kob Elias- Tripoli (El Mina) – Tripoli (city)- Batroun-Becharre- Halba- Miniara- Saida – Zrarieh – Ghazeyeh– Tyre –Alma El Chaab –Jezzine- Aysheyeh- Nabatieh – Bint Jbeil - Kafra – Rmeich – Aytaroun

- patients

- women

- children


- 38 social and medical center

- Physiotherapy centers

- Central pharmacy

- 9  mobile clinic

- orthopedic workshop 

Medical and Social centers


- Women

- Children

- Elderly

Reproductive health, literacy and adult education courses in languages, crafts, and curricular activities for students and additional  school sessions

Social programs

Antelias - Bokaata- Jbeil- Rachaya- Baalbek- Zahle- Tripoli- Batroun- Halba- Saida- Zahrani- Tyr- Nabatieh- Bint Jbeil



Periodic observations in remote areas through mobile clinics supported by doctors, nurses and social workers

Extraordinary and advanced medical observation

See the medical services centers




Prevention campaigns, vaccinations, medical examination, health education, and distribution of hygiene materials 

School health programs

See the medical services centers




Disseminating  the good health information and the correct health habits in areas of proper nutrition, hygiene, and environment 

Health education and prevention programs




Awareness, training, and rehabilitation of the community to face problems

Community health & first aid


Handicaps, war casualties and others 

Installation and manufacturing of artificial limbs

Orthopedic workshop

2- Programs: EMS

 Beirut (Spears) – Jemaizeh – Baabda – Furn El Chebbak – Mreijeh – Falougha – Antelias –Jal Eddib - Beit Mery – Kornet Chehwan – Jounieh – Jbeil – Beit Eddine (Bokaata) – Deir Al Qamar – Kabr Chmoun Aley – Tripoli – Koura (Amyoun) – Zghorta – Batroun – Halba – Hrar – Becharre – Saida – Jensnaya- Ansarieh – Jezzine – Rmeich – Tyr – Nabatieh – Tebnine – Marjeyoun – Hasbaya – Rachaya –Jeb Jannine Zahle – Kab Elias – Machghara – Baalbeck – Hermel – Kobeiyat – Shebaa – Balouuneh- Shwayfet- Damour- Chwayfet  


Operations: Tebnin, Hazmyeh, Zahle, Tripoli

- Patients

- Injured

- accident  victims

- More than 2700 paramedic  volunteers (males & females)

- 4 operation rooms to coordinate communications and rescue service

- continuous and specialized  training, and permanent rehabilitation to strengthen the capacities and skills

- receive calls on the emergency line 140 to respond and meet the following:

. Transferring health emergency and normal cases ( patients, injured…) to hospitals

. Transferring patients from hospitals to their houses when needed and according to the possibilities

. Transferring some critical cases from one hospital to another

. Provide first aid at home

. First aid at centers

. Interference from within the national plan during disasters or any kind of crisis

. Provide temporary rescue centers at festivals, sports and celebratory activities        

EMS Services

3- Programs: blood transfusion

Beirut (Spears) – Beirut (Jemaizeh) – Antelias – Beit Eddine – Jounieh – Zahle – Tripoli – Saida –  Nabatieh – jbeil- Halba-  Tyre- Rachaya


For patients at hospitals & sustainable care centers

- 13center to receive blood donors

- laboratory testing of donated units to ensure integrity and competence

- distributing blood units to the needy in the governmental and private hospitals depending on the availability of the material 

- Supplying Spears center with an advanced machine which manipulate blood derivatives with radiation, then purifies blood which allows the acceptance of donation between relatives and answers the need of people, who have a weak immune system and chronic diseases, as soon as possible

- Supplying Spears center with Axsym machine which is competent to examine the blood units and confirm Aids test   

- Establishing a network between all the centers to activate the service

Blood transfusion

4- Programs: Teaching

Baabda – Tripoli – Saida – Falougha



1- BS in  Nursing (3 years)

2- DU Urgences  (1 year)

3- LT in Nursing  (1 year)

4- TS in Nursing (2 years)

5- BT in Nursing (3 years)

6- BP in Nursing (2 years)

1 Faculty and 3 Nursing Institutes

150 teachers and trainers carrying out the sessions over all the Lebanese areas

-LRC volunteers

-groups in public, private, & civil institutes,  high schools & universities especially medical schools and what related to medicine

Through workshops offered by teachers and trainers to teach first aid and correct act in front of the incident

Teaching First Aids

5- Program: Youth

A.U.B./ L.A.U. /BAU/ Lebanese University (LU) /Beirut (Achrafieh, Badaro)/ Beirut (Spears)/ Furn El Chebak
Dahyie /Aley/ Baabda /Bouchrieh /Jal Eddib /Antelias /Beit Mery/ Jbeil /Batroun/ Falougha/ Chouf/ Saida /Zahrani /Tyr/ Nabatieh /Marjeoun / Hasbaya /Rachaya /Jezzine/ Zahle/ Riyak /Baalbek /Hermel /Tripoli /Becharre /Zghorta/ Koura/ Balamand University 


1200 volunteers

35 center and club doing the following

- Organizing training courses  to rehabilitate the  youth on many activities and programs – Promoting the humanitarian values

- Awareness campaigns (car accidents, Aids…)

- Social and educational activities for children at schools and Orphanage

- Visiting infirmary and special needs centers

- Organizing visits to reformatories and prisons

- Campaigns with environmental and healthy nature



See Youth centers



Permanent training for volunteers in many subjects aiming to rehabilitate them to do their tasks



See Youth centers





Prisoners and young prisoners

Organizing visits to prisons & reformatories, making health and personal hygiene awareness, and distributing cleaning materials    

Prisons & reformatories program



See Youth centers


Old people, handicaps, and children

Organizing visits, & making entertainment and awareness activities in many occasions 

Visiting old people, infirmary, Orphanage, and people with special needs



See Youth centers


Youth and young people

Organizing various and meaningful activities within  the general education to call for tolerance, solidarity, and  understanding and respecting others

Disseminating and promoting the humanitarian principles



See Youth centers


Public especially youth and young people

Organizing various campaign and activities to raise awareness about many subjects (car accidents, Aids, disadvantages of smoking, environment, hygiene…)


6- Programs: Clubs


See EMS, Youth , and medical services centers





- Organizing Clubs for volunteers in various fields in the society

- Organizing summer clubs interested in preparing the youth and train them on correct behaviors 


7- Disseminate principles and rules of the international humanitarian law



Public Relations and advertising and 40 publisher volunteer



Volunteers, public, and military

Organizing sessions and workshops to disseminate the main principles and rules of the international humanitarian law of the international movement of RCRC and how to use the emblem and talk about the LRC  

Disseminate principles and rules of the international humanitarian law


C- Partners

4- Non- governmental partners

1 -Partners of Red Cross Movement


Limited companies in certain programs

MENA zone


Belgian Red Cross- Norwegian Red Cross

5- partners from private sector

2- Governmental partners




No permanent partnership

Ministry of Health

Swiss government through Swiss Agency for development and cooperation

3- United Nations organizations



D- Challenges related to the society’s work

- Reinforcing the concept of volunteering

- Prolong the presence of volunteer in the society

1-Technical challenges and programs

- Increase demand on the society’s services and in turn reduce the financial potentials

-Work to find sustainable ways to secure continuity of the services 

2- Financial challenges/ resources

- keeping the location of the society in its environment and its acceptance 

3- Other challenges

(interior OR exterior)


E- Communication capacities

1- Web Site

Is there a website for the society? What is it?


Can it be updated on a regular basis?  

2- Annual Report

From 1946 till 2009

Do any annual report of the society published? In what year did the first and the last annual report published?


Do the annual report of the society published on the website?


  Other Publications

Date of publish


2010 (last version)

Various  publications on services, activities, and programs 


LRC news letter


Handbook on promoting and disseminating

Till 2010

Various posters

Audio- visual information materials, workshops, seminars, and  booklets for awareness and guidance and specialized workshops

4-  Other sources of  information


E- Financial Information







1- Total annual revenue




Under preparation

Under preparation


Conditional donations- the International Federation- International Committee- Belgian Red Cross- Norwegian Red Cross- Swiss Agency for development and cooperation 

Ministry of Public health- Ministry of Social affairs- Financial campaign- programs income- various 

2- Inside sources




3- Total annual expenditure





Under preparation

Under preparation







Subscription fees in the International Movement

Salaries, payments, compensation, fees and subscriptions, rents, operating expenses, and insurance, processing, maintenance,  construction and repairing center, training and rehabilitation of medical and consumer service, first aid and EMS, blood transfusion , publicity  and awareness campaigns, social programs, travel, and various expenses 





Areas of Expenditure


F- Future plans and priorities

1- Reinforce the network, volunteers, and equipments of the EMS technicians

2- Working to achieve the legal base of the society

3- Reinforcing and promoting health awareness of the community groups

4- Disseminating the humanitarian principles and values  

5- Promoting the principles and concepts of the international movement of RCRC

6- Reinforce the society’s image and its position in its surrounding 

7- Pursuit the rehabilitation and training to all volunteers at all levels

H- Information about the Society

+961 1 372802 /3 /4 /5

Phone number

+961 1 378207 -  +961 1 371391




Spears St.- Al Kintari- Beirut- Lebanon




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