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Faculty of Nursing Sciences
Career opportunities BS Nursing

A Bachelor of Nursing Sciences opens doors for several career opportunities: 

- Hospitals
- Community Agencies
- Insurance Companies 
-  Pharmaceutical Companies
- Non-Governmental Organizations
- World Health Organization
- United Nation Agencies
- Health Care Centers
- Nurseries, Schools & Universities

Principal values



The Faculty for Nursing Sciences of the Lebanese Red Cross provides education for students respecting their diversity and potentials. It promotes and maintains the highest educational standards of excellence, integrity and professionalism in nursing following the principles and recommendations of the International Committee of Red Cross, Red Crescent Movement, and the International Council of Nursing.

Overview of the Faculty

The Lebanese Red Cross - School of Nursing was established in November 27, 1947, as the first nursing school in Lebanon. It was named University Institute under presidential decree context: 1699 in 2009, and later became a Faculty of Nursing based on the law decree N°: 285 in 2014.

The Faculty for Nursing Sciences of the Lebanese Red Cross is a dynamic and evolving Faculty, which provides a variety of nursing programs BSN- (TS- BSN) - Postgraduate Diploma). It offers an interactive education and specialized clinical training, through innovative practice models and skills. It differs from other universities by offering affordable tuition fees and a high educational level, based on the values and mission of the Faculty.

The main objective is to serve Lebanese, national, and global communities through education, development of knowledge for professional nurses, and by assuming leadership in nursing based on self-direction, critical thinking, and well-informed decision-making.

Faculty program of studies and degrees

The Faculty currently offers the following academic programs:

• Bachelor of Nursing Sciences for: 

-  Lebanese Baccalaureate or its equivalent certificate:

Students are admitted to the Faculty of Nursing on the basis of Lebanese Baccalaureate or its equivalent following an entrance exam. The students are required to complete 100 credits over a period of three academic years (including 6 semesters and 2 summers).

- TS or LT certificate:

Students are admitted to the Faculty of Nursing at the Lebanese Red Cross on the basis of Lebanese TS or LT certificate in nursing. The program is flexible.

The programs combines elements of medical theories and professional Nursing education with clinical training.

Upon satisfactory results, the degree of Bachelor for Nursing Sciences is awarded.

• Postgraduate diploma in rescue and emergency

- Prerequisite: BS/TS Nursing Diploma
- Students are required to complete 30 credits over a period of one year.
- A Postgraduate Diploma will be given for BS Nursing holder whereas a certification will be given for TS /LT Holder.

The programs are divided into 2 sections.
- French
- English

How to apply:

A candidate has to fill out an application form, available in the faculty’s Registration office), and must submit a file that includes:
• A copy of the official Lebanese baccalaureate or its equivalent, TS/LT or BS degree (as required)
• A copy of ID
• A new judicial record
• 3 passport photos
• Health clearance certificate
• For bridging program TS/BS – Postgraduate Diploma (in addition to the documents mentioned above):
 Curriculum vitae
 Work certificate

: Application fees shall be paid at the Faculty

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