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The Lebanese Red Cross & Tinol Paints join hands for unprecedented green initiative
The Lebanese Red Cross and the International Company of Tinol Paints launched through a common press conference, the second stage of the project “Idak Ma3na” in a context of unprecedented humanitarian and environmental action which came during a press conference held for this purpose in the Holiday Inn-Dune Verdun. The participants were the president of the Lebanese Red Cross sheikh Sami AL Dahdah, the vice president Mr. Walid Kebbe, the head of youth department Mr. Nadim Hitti, a number of the Executive Committee and officials and volunteers, and from Tinol attended Mrs. Wafa Saab, the vice chairman of the administrative council and Mr. Shaker Saab and others who are concerned. After a welcoming speech from Lama Srour, the project coordinator for promoting the humanitarian norms in the Lebanese Red cross, was a speech for Sheik Al Dahdad who said that “the contribution of the Lebanese Red Cross in this project through the dissemination of humanitarian norms implemented by the volunteers of Youth Department is an emphasis on the importance of maintaining the environment to encourage the community to stay away from the materials that lead to the dysfunction of the ecological balance and for greater risks”. Dahdah added, “This step, in spite of its small size in front of the environmental dangers, is a special contribution for spreading the awareness in using environmental friendly and inexpensive means and tools. After he thanked Tinol and the volunteers, Dahdah called for re-examining the products that are environmentally harmful and converting it to environmentally useful and harmless products for a better life.

On the other hand, Mrs. Saab explained that the contribution of Tinol paints through its support for the campaign “Idak Ma3na” in its first and second stage is a technological and supplementary contribution from Tinol staff aiming to promote the humanitarian values diversity, non discrimination & non violence in order to achieve three objectives: First, sustainability of the project, symbolized by a souvenir token. Second, promoting “re-use’, the most important component of waste management; and third, the contribution of Lebanese workmanship to the community at large.

She added, “with respect to our company “Idak Maana” has not only allowed the company to promote its values, but has also seen it join hands with the Lebanese Red Cross, an organization that promotes and enforces humanitarian principles.

It is worth to mention that this step comes after the success of the Guinness World Record of the largest hand painted canvas, broken by the Lebanese Red Cross youth department under the framework of disseminating Humanitarian Norms funded by the Belgian Government through the Belgian Red Cross & with the support of many local institutions included Tinol Paints. This was done by the volunteers of the Lebanese Red Cross Youth Department in October 2010 through an activity organized from within the program of promoting the humanitarian norms.

The first phase saw the creation of a canvas measuring 4,355 meter square with a participation of 12700 people who print their hands on the painting as a token of approval, commitment to respect and accept the other, non-discrimination and non- violence. They also collected the eight parts of the canvas that they brought from different regions of Lebanon to the City of Sport in Beirut, and completed it within a mere 24 hours compared to the previous record of 3,700 meter square which stood for a painting collected in china and took 11 days in order to be completed. And what made this technically possible is the contribution of Tinol in providing custom-formulated, recycled and environment friendly water-based paint, customized to dry quickly enough in one day.

As part of the second phase of the campaign, which carried the name of “ Hand in hand to make a greener difference”, the Lebanese Red Cross and Tinol cooperated and re-used the record-breaking canvas, transforming it into 5,000 shopping bags, which will be distributed across Lebanon, with the aim of promoting “re-use”, in addition to raising awareness about the environment and reducing non-biodegradable plastic bag consumption, each bag will also carry the mission of the Red Cross, which is to abide by the fundamental principles of tolerance, peace and human rights.

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