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The Lebanese Red Cross celebrates 8 of May
On the occasion of 8th May the international day of the international movement of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the launch of the annual financial campaign, the president of the republic General Michel Suleiman received a delegation composed of the president of the Lebanese Red Cross Sheikh Sami Al Dahdah, Vice president Mr. Walid Kebbi, members of the executive committee, and the head of the international committee of the Red Cross in Lebanon Mr. Georges Comnenos. Sheikh Sami Al Dahdah briefed the President on the launching of the annual financial campaign 2011 under the slogan (Mnaati Mn Alebna). Then the president showed his appreciation on the humanitarian role played by the Red Cross and Red Crescent especially in the case of accidents, woes, and disasters pointing that “it acquires a national dimension through the work of rescuing done by the volunteers which makes such humanitarian institute the focus of respect and appreciation from all people.

On the other hand, and for the same occasion, the president of the Lebanese Red cross Sheikh Sami Al Dahdah addressed a letter in which he said: “All the societies in 186 countries celebrate in this day the anniversary of the Swiss Citizen Henry Dunant, the founder of the international movement of the Red Cross and Red Crescent who witnessed the battle of Solfernio in 1859 by which his humanitarian sense pushed him, in front of the terrible scene, to work in aiding the victims and the wounded. This was the first sign of forming the largest international humanitarian movement which included more than 13 million volunteer who are forming today the driving force of this movement through their efforts in assisting the most vulnerable and needy”.

He continued: “2011 is a year of celebrations since 10 years had passed on the declaration of the international year of volunteers”. Then he greeted the volunteers of the international movement of the Red Cross and Red Crescent societies in various fields who played a key role in helping those affected by disasters and crises in order to guarantee better conditions for them to sustain natural life.

He Added, “The Lebanese red Cross, which was founded in 1945, is trying at all levels to be on permanent readiness recruiting all the energies in order to support those in need”.

Then he listed the tasks and achievements of the Lebanese Red Cross which reached to 620,000 and he said,” the total size of the operational expenses of the services and activities had reached about 8.7 billion Lebanese pounds which is shown in details in the annual financial report that is issued by the society. In addition to that, the society took care, according to its potential, of strengthen its capacity and expanded its network, and by rehabilitation and refurbishment of some of its centers, and it is in process of working on the establishment of new centers and rehabilitation of existing ones in order to keep pace on the demand on the needs that are growing annually.

Dahdad concluded, “In the occasion of 8 May, the international Day of the Red Cross and Red Crescent and the launch of the annual financial campaign of the Lebanese Red Cross, we invite all good people to confirm their humanitarian contract by the re-translation of their rush as a reaction of contribution and helping those who are needy.
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