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Lebanese Red Cross deployed 80 EMS Volunteer, transferred 1 dead and 38 medical cases

December 17 at 18:00 Lebanese Red Cross emergency line (140) received an emergency call reporting on the sank off of the ship "Danny 2" facing the shores of Tripoli, carrying a crew of 83 people from different nationalities.

Fifty first aider and 9 ambulances, from the Emergency team of the LRC- EMS were directly deployed from the different EMS stations in the North Province to the shore in Tripoli. They are operating on the spot since yesterday night, until the launch of this statement (15:15) they have already transferred 30 cases to the following hospitals; Munla, Al Salam, Islamic charity, Al mazloum, Haikal and Alnini. In addition they have transported one dead to the Islamic Charity Hospital in Tripoli.

This morning, 18 December, the emergency teams of 30 First Aid Volunteers and 7 ambulances went to the “President Renee Moawad Airport “in Kleiat where the helicopters are evacuating the wounded and delivering them to the Red Cross team. The volunteers’ transfered 8 cases to the hospitals; Youssef and Rahal.

The evacuated cases varied between fatigue and extreme cold, fractures and bruises and a rise in temperature.

Further more the Lebanese Red Cross teams received from the Lebanese Navy operating 5 dead and one survival considered as medical case which was handed by the RC to the Civil Defense, who co-transferred to the infirmaries.

The teams were still ready standing with their Ambulances at the port of Tripoli and Kleiat Airport to follow-up on the rescue operations handled to them by helicopters and ships belonging to the Lebanese army and UNIFIL.

The Lebanese Red Cross is receiving emergency calls on its FREE hotline 140 from any mobile or land line.

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