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The Lebanese Red Cross Visits President Suleiman
The President Michel Suleiman received a legation from the Lebanese Red Cross headed by the LRC President Sami El Dahdah. The legation included the vice-president of the LRC Mr. Walid Kebi, the members of the executive and central committees, heads of local committees, and volunteers from the emergency medical services and the youth sections of the society. The intention of the visit was to congratulate the new President Suleiman for his election, particularly since that the president is the Honorary President of the Lebanese Red Cross.

At the beginning of the reception, Mr. Dahdah had a speech in which he was quoted:

“This is the Lebanese Red Cross coming to your Excellency from all of Lebanon, its provinces and regions; they are a clear picture of unity and the best examples of the Lebanese society. They are a family of 6000 volunteers who respond to the call of humanity impartially and without discrimination. They are guided by the basic 7 principles of the international movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent and you have known them and their sacrifices. You have supported them throughout the different stages.” The President of LRC Mr. Dehdeh Added: “your Excellency, we came today to congratulate you for being elected as the president of the Lebanese Republic, and we also congratulate ourselves since you became the honorary President of the Lebanese Red Cross, and we wish you success in the journey of the nation to reach peace and prosperity.”

On the occasion, Mr. El Dehdeh offered to the President Suleiman the honorary shield of the Lebanese Red Cross as a sign of gratitude. President Suleiman replied by welcoming the delegation’s members and appreciating the sacrifices of the LRC volunteers. He saluted the memory of the martyrs and the wounded LRC volunteers. He was quoted:

“I welcome you all in the Presidential palace and I am honored to be the honorary president of the society since this organization excels in many fields: firstly it started with the independence of Lebanon, secondly it was created to act as a supplementary to the medical units in the Lebanese army, thirdly the organization unites people from all Lebanese sects, families, and social classes. This is what is exceptional about Lebanon as no other country such diversity in sects, family, and races as in Lebanon. Additionally the Lebanese Red Cross stands near the human from youth to older.

The President Suleiman was also quoted:

“I know that your capacity is not enough but your will is stronger that your capacities. The Lebanese Red Cross contributes a lot in servicing the civilian without discrimination based on sects, family, or region.”

The President Suleiman also noted the work of the EMS teams of the LRC during the July/August 2006 war and the Nahr El Bered incidents of 2007. He also noted that the Lebanese Red Cross had provided 625,000 services to the Lebanese people during 2007.
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