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Opening a New First Aid Center in Mreijeh (Beirut Southern Suburb)
The Lebanese Red Cross opened a new first aid center in Mreijeh (Beirut Southern Suburb) instead of the old center. The center was bought and fully equipped by the Swiss Red Cross and the Swiss Organization for Cooperation and Development in coordination and cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The opening was held in front of Saint Elie Church - El Lailaki and attended by Dr. Bahij Arbid, representing the Minister of Public Health Dr. Mohamad Jawad Khalife, the Swiss Ambassador Francois Paras, the Ex-Minister Mrs. Laila El Soloh Hamadeh, the Chief of Disasters Management Unit in the Swiss Red Cross Mr. Hans Haniman, the Program Coordinator Mr. Christian Boss, the head of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Lebanon Mr. Jordi Raich, the head of delegation of the International Federation of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent Societies Mrs. Anne Katherine Moore Karlsen, representatives of religious, social, cultural, health bodies, chiefs of municipalities, mayors and friends, the President of the Lebanese Red Cross Sheikh Sami El Dahdah, the head of First Aid Dept. Mrs. Rosy Boulos, members of the Executive and Central Committees, directors , chiefs and volunteers from the first aid teams.

The opening was started with the Lebanese national anthem, Lebanese red cross anthem, followed by standing a moment of silence in the memory of the spirit of martyrs of the Lebanese Red Cross. Afterwards, the Press Monitor of the Ceremony Mrs. Charlotte Semaan welcomed the attendants. Also, the first aider Bassam El Mokdad made a speech in the name of Mreijeh Center and praised the work and the sacrifice of the first aiders of the Lebanese Red Cross. Then, Mr. Haniman made a speech in which he focused on the humanitarian assistances granted by the Swiss Red Cross to the Lebanese people through the Lebanese Red Cross in expressing his admiration to the volunteers of the Society and their special performance.

The Swiss Ambassador Paras made a speech in which he considered: "the assistance of the Swiss people through the Swiss Red Cross and the Swiss Organization for Cooperation and Development is a tribute of admiration and honor to the donations of the volunteers of the Lebanese Red Cross during the recent period.

Dr. Arbid talked in the name of the Minister Khalife and declared that the Lebanese Red Cross is a technical and practical base for all the plans in the field of first aid and he encouraged to give the necessary support to develop its capabilities and spread its activities. Sheikh El Dahdah talked about the relationship between the Lebanese Red Cross and the society saying that: "the volunteers make their best for the sake of people in need especially during July war and Nahr El Bared war." He addressed his respect to all the first aiders who gave the best image by their commitment to the fundamentals of the International Movement in complete neutrality and he thanked those who contributed to the success of this project.

Two films were introduced. The first was on the development of first aid service in Mreijeh and the other was on the establishment of the new center and its equipment. Afterwards, the attendants headed to the center to open it and made a tour in its sections.

Photos: The opening
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