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The Meeting of the General Assembly of the Lebanese Red Cross
The General Assembly of the Lebanese Red Cross held its third regular annual meeting with the participation of the members of the Executive Committee, the Central Committee, and delegates from the local committees, the first aid teams, and youth departments. The meeting was held in the hall of Mrs. Eva El Helo Serhal at the Lebanese Red Cross building in Baabda with the presence of the head of the international Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in Lebanon Mrs. Anne Katherine More Karlsen, the head of the ICRC delegation, Mr. Jordi Raich, and a number of directors.

The Assembly started with the Lebanese national anthem and the Lebanese Red Cross anthem followed by a moment of silence for the memory of the LRC martyrs. The session was then opened by the president of the society Sheikh Sami El Dahdah who focused on the meeting's importance and praised the efforts and developments. He commented on deriving lessons and plans by the Lebanese Red Cross while facing disasters, in which the society interfered to rescue the victims and meet the requirements of living. Sheikh Dahdah gave a great importance to the volunteers of the LRC.

He also had a gesture towards the first aiders and the two martyred first aiders Boulos Maamari and Haytham Sleiman. Then, he talked about the agenda of the regular assembly, and after many discussions, the following were approved: the annual report of the year 2006, the financial report of the year 2006, the work plan of the Society with the budget plan of the year 2008 and the assignment of an auditor.

Finally, Mr. Antoine El Zoghbi, the Chief of interior department in the Lebanese Red Cross made a speech in which he praised the session and spoke highly of those who gave success to this meeting.

Photo: Sheikh El Dahdah between Vice-President Walid Kebbi (on his right) and Mr. Antoine El Zoghbi (on his left).
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