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Instructions In First Aids

In what case you must move the injured?
Move him away from the place of the accident for a danger cause.

What principle should be respected when moving the injured away from the accident?
Vertebral column/ Head

When we can put the injured in the correct safety side status?
When he is unconscious

Why do we put the injured in the correct safety side position?
To help him breath

What is the reason of Traumatic situation?
Is a disturbance in the circulatory system, leading to loss of blood and oxygen in sufficient quantity to the brain.

What are the signs of Traumatic situation?
- Pale color
- Blueness in the lips and nails
- Cold sweat
- Coldness in limbs.
- Fast breathing
- Rapid pulse, slow, and then intermittent
- Some times thirst and unconscious

What is the way to save the person from the Traumatic situation?
Laying the injured, lifting his legs and covering him

What is the position of an injured suffering from a fracture and bleeding in thorax?
Half-sitting position

If an ear bleeding exists, the most suitable way to rescue the injured is:
The correct safety side from the bleeding side with a white piece of cloth.

What are the common signs of fractures?
Pain, swelling, unable to move, distortion.

How to rescue from fractures?
- Do not move the injured limb or trying to place it back to its normal shape
- Fixing the joints surrounding the fractured part.

What are the signs of breaking the backbone?
- Partial or complete paralysis, accompanied by numbness especially in legs
- Pain in the back or neck
- Weakness or loss in sensation at the level of the lower limbs.

What is the Myocardial Infarction (MI)?
Is a sudden interruption of blood from the heart, leading to the death of a certain area in the muscle of the heart.

What are the signs of Myocardial Infarction (MI)?
- Difficulty in breathing and cold sweat
- Pain and numbness in the left hand
- Pain in the chest extends to the shoulders.

How to rescue from Myocardial Infarction (MI)?
- Put the injured in half-sitting position
- Room ventilation and release the breathing passages and transfer the injured to the hospital

What are burns?
Are damages in skin caused by the exposure of body to heat.

How to classify the degree of burns?
Burns are classified into three degrees: first – second- third

How to rescue from burns?
- cold water for 15 minutes immediately
- Do not touch the burn
- Packaging of the burn

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