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The Lebanese Red Cross Contributed in Bloom Bank Beirut Marathon
The Lebanese Red Cross contributed through EMS and Youth teams in Bloom Bank Beirut Marathon. 200 paramedics supported by 45 vehicles were on the field: 24 ambulances, 10 backup cars, 10 Logistic cars, and one mobile dispatch unit. The paramedics transferred 11 cases to the hospitals nearby the marathon course and 17 cases to field hospitals, 337 cases were relieved on the track, and 179 cases in the field hospital of the Lebanese Red Cross. In addition, the LRC team worked on returning 4 children to their families after they were lost.
About 700 volunteers from Youth centers participated in organizing the event through spreading 600 volunteers on the tracks from the starting point till the arrival point. About 100 volunteers formed a human chain at the starting point. Also about 100 volunteers participated in the 8 km race aiming to spread Human values and concept.
The President of the Lebanese Red Cross, Dr. Antoine Zoghbi, took part in launching the marathon and then went to the point where the paramedics were stationed. He was accompanied by the supervisor of EMS Mrs. Rosy Boulos, the director Mr. Abdullah Zogheib, and the Deputy Director Mr. Alexi Nehme.
Dr. Zoghbi praised the efforts of the LRC team in dealing with such event.

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