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The International Deserts Runner Ali Wehbi Visits the LRC
The President of the Lebanese Red Cross Dr. Antoine Zoghbi received the International Deserts Runner Ali Wehbi at the headquarters in Spears (Beirut), in the presence of the Vice President Dr. Maryam Ghandour and Secretary General Georges Kettaneh during an official visit where he thanked the Red Cross for its efforts to ensure him safety after running the Lebanese coast from Arida in the North to the blue line in Naqoura in the South where he entered Guinness Book after achieving a high record. Wehbi said:” We are partners in the Guinness Book because we are partners in excellence and giving”, then Dr. Al Zoghbi noted the numerous initiatives of Wehbi that combine sports with noble humanitarian goals. During the meeting, Mr. Wehbi presented Dr. Zoghbi and Mr. Kettaneh a token of appreciation for their interest and the intensive backup provided by the EMS during the social sport challenge from the beginning until the last step to achieve his goal to support children of autism under the slogan #Autism together. Finally, Wehbi revealed a new challenge to be achieved by running from Beirut to Mecca.
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