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10 Ambulances Delivered from BOB to LRC
Under the patronage of the President Michel Aoun, a ceremony was held at the presidency palace in Baabda to celebrate the delivery of 10 Ambulances from Bank of Beirut to the Lebanese Red Cross, in the presence of the president of the Lebanese Red Cross Dr. Antoine Zoghbi, the S.G Georges Kettaneh, number of the executive committee, the General Manager of Bank of Beirut Salim Sfeir, officials from Baabda Palace and from Bank of Beirut, in addition to number of LRC volunteers and administrative and partners from the Movement. 
Kettaneh said: “the organization is making every effort to provide support to its volunteers to continue their mission amid difficult circumstances, saying that it is also prioritizing improving the communications network and reducing response time and enhancing quality”
Then Sfeir said: “Our partnership with the Lebanese Red Cross is essential and our cooperation will be continued for many years”
Zoghbi announced the end of the financial campaign 2018 and said: " We at the Lebanese Red Cross have the will of living, its letters are humanity, its future is volunteering, and its success lies in service. We pledge to you, Mr. President, to stay and continue to serve every human being in our homeland, a message of 8000 volunteers for duty and beyond duty "
Finally, president Aoun said that: “One of the most essential rights of Red Cross volunteers is to recognize their sacrifices” promising that he will ensure that Parliament endorses a law to recognize any Red Cross member who dies on a mission as a “martyr.”
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