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Launching of the Annual Fundraising Campaign 2018
The Lebanese Red Cross launched its annual fundraising campaign 2018 under the slogan "Your Support reverts to You" in a ceremony held at the headquarters in Kantari.
After a welcoming speech said by the head of PR & Communication Mr. Kamal Fares, the President of the Lebanese Red Cross, Dr. Antoine Zoughbi, threw a speech in which he stressed that this society is considered an exceptional voluntary situation in the history of this country. Today, it includes 8000 volunteers including 3400 paramedics at 46 EMS stations and 4 dispatch rooms, 13 blood transfusion centers, 36 clinics and 9 mobile clinics, 14 disaster management teams with a central unit, 33 youth centers with 1700 volunteers, a nursing college with 3 schools in addition to 32 branches spread throughout Lebanon. In 2017, the Lebanese Red Cross provided 965740 humanitarian services and tasks.

He also pointed out that the Lebanese Red Cross works through all this in order to be the first link in response to medical emergencies and disasters of all kinds, stressing that the quick response, speed, strategy, and global techniques are all required to respond effectively from the time of the call until the arrival to the hospital.

He stressed that "our campaign today is for all these goals and challenges and more. Human in Lebanon needs us and we also need you and your support”.

Dr. Zoughbi thanked the volunteers who will be working on the road during the fundraising campaign to receive the support and assistance of each benefactor in order to secure the expenses that will return to people as humanitarian services in accordance with the global humanitarian principles, through a society that will never get tired and will continue to give even beyond the duty.
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